Willmore announces candidacy for sheriff

Ed Willmore of Tuscola announces his intent to run on the Republican ballot in the March 2018 primary for Douglas County Sheriff. Willmore, an experienced law enforcement professional, spent nearly 30 years employed at Douglas County.

During those decades, he had the privilege of assuming many roles within the law enforcement realm. Starting in the corrections department and the radio room as a dispatcher, Willmore eventually was promoted to Sergeant Deputy, overseeing patrol and evidence operations.

Willmore believes that the sheriff should be accessible to the citizens and employees of the county, regardless of the time of the day.

“Our job isn’t over at the end of our shift,” Willmore said. “As the Sheriff, I feel it would be my responsibility as a public servant to be available to the residents of our county and the employees of the department, even if it is 3 a.m.”

Protecting the county and the people who live and work here is his number one priority. Willmore believes there needs to be an emphasis on rural patrol and an increased presence in the communities that have limited or no police protection.

Based on his experience, Willmore says it is necessary to provide resources to all departments within the agency to ensure public safety and promote morale.

“By encouraging open dialogue, providing extensive training when available, updating equipment when needed and monitoring work environment of employees, the sheriff’s office is better able to provide a service the citizens should expect and a safer work environment for employees.” Willmore added, “I will be a working sheriff. If a dispatch shift needs covered, a deputy needs to be off his or her regular shift because of training or a family emergency or we need an extra correctional officer in the jail, I will make sure those shifts are covered, if that means I do so myself.”

“I want our citizens to be proud of the county in which we live, and I would like the opportunity to do my part in that process,” Willmore concluded.