East Prairie girls’ basketball rolling through season

By Kayleigh Rahn
Seventh Grade
Monday, Sept. 18
Holy Family-15

The East Prairie seventh grade girls’ basketball teams faced off against a tough Holy Family squad.

Ella Boyer led the Hornets with 14 points, Claire Meyer added six, and Marley Good finished the night with two.

“Both the seventh and eighth grade teams from Holy Family were athletic and physical,” Coach Beth Pugh said. “The seventh grade is improving with every game they play. They are being more aggressive to the basket.”

Monday, Sept. 25

The seventh grade squad never recovered from a slow offensive second quarter and fell to Charleston 26-34.

Boyer posted 14 points in the match up, while Izzy Cox and Meyer put up five each. Good added two.

“The seventh grade lost but never stopped playing hard,” Pugh said. “We cut the lead down to two in the fourth quarter. We missed a lot of shots. But if we keep trying and getting those shots they will make them in future games.”

Eighth Grade
Monday, Sept. 18
Holy Family-26

The East Prairie eighth grade girls came out on top over Holy Family 44-26.

Kate Dean posted a team high 12 points, and Abigail Pettry added 11. Taylor Musgrave put up seven points, while Kyla Gough, Kerri Pierce, and Sophie Kremitzki added four each. Darcee Norman added two.

“I thought at times the eighth grade moved the ball very well in transition,” Pugh said. “Control will be a key word for us in practice the next few days, on both offense and defense. But I’m glad we have the energy, we just need to channel it in the right direction, and I’m happy to work on this.”

Monday, Sept. 25

The eighth grade girls held the Charleston squad to single digits in scoring in each quarter of the 40-14 Tuscola win.

Dean had a big night with 21 points in just three quarters. Musgrave added eight, and Pettry posted six. Kremitzki put together three points, and Maddie Stahler contributed two.

“Charleston’s eighth grade was one of the biggest teams we have played this year,” Pugh said. “That didn’t stop us. We were still able to get it inside to Kate Dean. Some of Kate’s baskets came from rebound put backs, but most of them were from her teammates making good passes to her. We were able to try out a new defense we have been working on. We noticed things we need to work on. If the girls keep playing aggressively we can keep improving on offense and defense.”