Citizens Against Bullying announces rally with mission

By Kayleigh Rahn

Sure it’s a decades-old problem, and, no, there’s not an easy answer.

However, a group of Tuscola residents are working to offer a community-based resource for those affected by bullying.

“There is the workplace bullying; there is cyber bullying; there is the face-to-face bullying,” says Tuscola Citizens Against Bullying co-organizer Michelle Dellorso. “There is so much out there. We would like to show that there is no stereotypical bully or person who is bullied. It could be anybody.”

Sandi Cruzan and Dellorso started this conversation, on social media no less, and their fire hasn’t been put out, in fact it’s grown.

The duo sparked Tuscola Citizens Against Bullying, a newly formed community resource and support group for those who have been bullied and bullies alike.

“I made a comment on Facebook suggesting that the parents should get together to see what could be done,” Dellorso said. “There was an interest, and we began to talk about what we were looking for in starting this group and put together some expectations for those wanting to join.”

Tuscola residents Cruzan and Dellorso had never met before their social media exchange began to snowball, but Dellorso said they have the same no-rest attitude.

“One of the biggest things we want to promote is there is no finger pointing or blaming; this group is strictly positive reinforcement and education,” Dellorso said. “Through our research this support really needs to be promoted throughout the entire community and not just our schools. In our research we were finding that there were resources out there to identify different resources for school bullying, there are resources for parents on how to talk to kids about bullying, and then there are community resources, and that’s what we are interested in. As a community, what can we do?”

The full story can be found in the Sept. 20, 2017, edition of The Tuscola Journal.