My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
“What do you think about Trump’s (President Trump) latest move?” “I suppose you think it was great that Trump (President Trump) decided to kick 800,000 working immigrants out of America, huh?” “I can’t believe even you Craig, think it’s okay that 800,000 people with families of their own are now at risk of being deported after years of living in America.”

Of course all of these people are shaming me so I might comment on the President’s latest executive order reversing the Obama executive order as they both pertain to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). For whatever reason Barack Obama took it upon himself, despite concerns from even his own legal council that his action was probably not constitutional, to sign an executive order protecting an eligible 1.2 million illegal immigrants currently living (illegally) in the United States from being deported for at least two years.

I’m speculating our ex Pres. assumed that when he signed such an order he never imagined that it would be “trumped” by any new incoming President. For sure Hillary would only expand the program. And by some wild chance should a republican win last fall’s election, none would dare consider any action to change Obama’s executive order. Sixteen of the 17 would have speculated this political suicide to counter the Obama blunder. If any D.C. candidate is wealthy enough to get elected in the first place, those riches will increase by a multiple of four or more if that elected official stays eight or more years.

How does one stay eight or more years? Do as one is commanded by his/her party leaders. You know, the ones with early stages of dementia that have been there for 20 or more years themselves. Don’t do anything but vote as your told, keep your mouth shut other than to bash your opposing party, and promise everything you know you can’t possibly accomplish. That’s the recipe for success in Washington, D.C. I think of the 535 elected members of Congress probably about 10 are in control of how all of those votes are cast. Why? Breaking from the mainstream party will get you a same party opponent in your next bid for reelection of course. Grow your wool thick and rich like a good little sheep and stand in the background of the herd leader at every photo op and baa occasionally for the cameras.

So I haven’t answered the question. Here’s what I think. First and foremost I think the Democrats and the major news media reporters that continue to bash and slash President Trump just can’t seem to figure out the obvious. President Trump does these things just to get a rise out of these idiots. This is a man that doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about him. At the same time Donald Trump will never need to worry about cashing in over his 4 or 8 years as President, because he’s already wealthy beyond conception of 99 percent of the population. He draws these clowns in like flies to poop. He watches the Dems and the medias run the numbers on one single issue to a point where they’ve repeated themselves three times or more then BOOM!

President Trump throws a fresh pile to these flies, and they swarm all over it! Never figuring out to this day that this is a big game to this man. He sets them up and takes a front row seat so to enjoy the calamity of it all! They scream, “How is it that Trump is so foolish not to learn when to shut up!?” “Why does he tweet and twerp stupid stuff?!” Well maybe that answer is: he enjoys your ignorance! There are so many important real issues that need fixing in this country, and the Dems and the medias are not paying any attention to Americans in need. Why? Because they are all too busy screwing around with these little tidbits of nothingness. Me, I think it’s deliberate strategy on President Trump’s part. He’s having a difficult time coordinating fellow republicans to pass his agenda on what really matters out there. So, to keep the Dems and the medias from doing their homework on issues that could really do damage to the President and the Republicans, he says things like “Hey, about that wall,” and “Watch this Obama reversal I do,” and I’m gonna fire someone on my staff, be ready to record,” and “Hey I’m flying to the flood disaster states. Check out the digs wife Ivanka and I are wearing when we land, you’ll hate it, I promise!” And my favorite, “What about those Russians today?” “Anyone seen my sons Donald Jr. and Eric lately? Better go check to see if they’ve bought any cold weather wear recently and visited a currency exchange to load up on rubles!”

He teases and temps every single day and the Dems and the medias have failed to figure out his ploy! This latest executive order to trump the Obama DACA order is his best yet. The Republicans can’t or won’t follow his lead so he’s throwing the immigrant outrage issue right smack in their laps. Here you go party of wimps, figure it out or get beat in your own next elections. “Oh yeah, here’s the best part of the way I’ve got this figured: you will have to solicit the help from some of the Democrats you hate so much. Enjoy boys and girls.” Brilliant I predict!