My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
For as many years as I can remember I learned both at home and at school that the biggest threat to the United States was and always would be Russia. Both of our countries lived in fear of a nuclear strike from the other for many years; so we were told. As I’ve become more and more a fan and study of world news over the years, I’m no longer convinced this was actually the truth. What I believe now is, that as long as the rich, famous, and powerful have so much to lose a nuclear conflict will never happen. As long as the people calling the shots for the rest of us in both of our countries are living life at it grandest level the nuclear option isn’t and never was an option for either country. Imagine, and imagine is all you and I can do, all of luxuries that would be lost to the 2 percent of our own rich and famous along with Russia’s same populations if there was a nuclear strike by either county.

However, conventional warfare is fair play anywhere either country wants to stage it. It’s a means by both to flex their muscles and show the other what they’ve got. When expenditures become too great, simply pull out. It’s always about the money. The heroes that fought for America in the World Wars knew what they were fighting for and there was a determined sense of pride in what they were trying to accomplish. Then along came Vietnam. Everyone was asking….why? America was engaged in a war they could have won if they were determined to do so. Instead American servicemen and women were sent abroad to be world police officers. American forces were strapped with borders they couldn’t cross even to pursue those that just killed fellow servicemen. America has been fighting wars in the Middle East with similar restrictions for 15 years. There is no way to “win.” All these years later after invading Iraq, after believing we had won, instead we ask ourselves, “OMG what have we done!?”

I have a question. Why, so many years ago, and after being soundly defeated, were the Russians allowed to develop nuclear warheads? The Chinese? At what date in time did the rest of the world that had already stock piled thousands of their own nuclear weapons decide that only they (us) were entitled to build and develop but no one else could? What logic convinces the average majority, you and me, that every country that currently has the ability to deliver these devices are good to go and are responsible enough to have them? What world committee picked these (us) countries to be the levelheaded, never make a mistake, nuclear gatekeepers?

But now OMG the United States of America is up in arms at the very notion that Iran and North Korea are sooner than later going to be nuclear powers. Am I missing the news that’s reporting Russia and China are as opposed with the thought as we are? I don’t think so. Is this because China and Russia know all too well the only targets these newbies have in their sites are Americans and their allies? Is there an inside secret here? Am I reaching to think that Russia is backing the Iranians and China is backing the North Koreans because a strike on the United States from either of these countries would be their own best first strike? Is Japan the nuclear pawn for the United States? Has Russia and China decided to use Iran and North Korea to equal out the playing field? Are Russia and China teammates? Maybe.

Kim Jong-un’s North Korea has been in the news proclaimed as the newest nuclear threat to the United States. Really? No he isn’t, and you shouldn’t believe this either. This little round boy that sports a hairstyle that resembles the shaved hind end of a panda bear is no threat to America. Too South Koreans yes he certainly is because of the proximity to one another. I’m sure it’s great circus like fun for the leaders of Russia and China to watch all the commotion. And so would we if the missiles were on the other foot. President Trump scored polling points for taking a hard line with Jong-un and for now anyway, apparently winning the propaganda war between our two counties. I think the latest thing the little round man said was that he “Will watch what the Yankees do for awhile.” Well that’s certainly scary huh? No. What really happened was Chinese President, Xi Jinping spanked Jong-un’s bottom for going too far with his threats.

I think there’s one purpose for North Korea going nuclear. North Korea would be the counterstrike base should a nuclear war amongst the big boys ever happen. Which it won’t. Now that’s not to say North Korea wouldn’t get a taste of melting heat flash should they ever launch against anyone else, but I wonder…would America take such action if it wasn’t American soil? Or would America do what it has always done; send aide to the needy and speak millions of politically correct words that amount to nothing more than a pile of BS?

Last words about this deep secreted subject of which I have only my own thoughts. If it’s true what President Trump says about America’s military might, that its second to no other and no other is even remotely competitive, now’s the time America needs to stand alone and without United Nations debate, to act swiftly and decisively when another steps out of the world order. No middle of the night flights of billions of dollars cash loaded on planes bound for countries known and unknown. No more billions of dollars disguised as “economic improvement payments” to countries so they might behave themselves for a few years as has happened with North Korea more times than we know.

I really, really dislike this Jong-un guy! He wouldn’t amount to a pimple on any American military general’s….well you know.