Tuscola football closes summer workouts with annual 7 on 7 contest

By Missy Chappell
The 2017 Warrior football squad completed a sweep last Friday night at the Tuscola 7 on 7. Tuscola came away victorious in both the 7 on 7 skills play and the Linemen’s Challenge. The annual event hosted by the Warriors caps the summer workouts.

According to Head Coach Andy Romine, “We don’t do 7 on 7’s to go places and keep score other than tonight. We go to get better. We played five times: Salt Fork, Unity, Monticello, Marshall and here.”

He continued, “What I’m not going to do is eat up every Saturday of the summer with 7 on 7’s, because I think the kids eventually get tired of it. We get far more work on a Wednesday night in Caitlin or St. Joe than we ever do on a Saturday playing 8 games at Urbana, where you’re just wrung out, dead tired and get bad habits.”

Tuscola’s 7 on 7 was the one competitive event the Warriors were in all summer, and they came out ready to play in front of the hometown faithful.

In the Tuscola 7 on 7, there is a running clock of 24 minutes. All plays are passing, and the teams score six points for a touchdown. Extra points are either one point from the 5-yard line or two points from the 10. An interception is worth three points. There are two officials for each game. Eight teams, including Monticello, Mattoon, Marshall, Salt Fork, Paris, Mt. Prospect, Georgetown-Ridgefarm, and Tuscola, competed in two brackets. The final games of the night matched the A bracket versus B bracket teams in first through fourth place showdowns.

In their first game, the Warriors faced Salt Fork, whom they had met up with previously this summer. Tuscola scored on their first possession on a pass to Dalton Hoel from Luke Sluder. Haden Cothron then caught the extra point pass for a 7-0 lead. Tuscola would score on every possession except their final on passes to Cade Kresin and Hoel. Kresin also had an interception in the game. The final score was 24-7 Tuscola.

The second match up was with Marshall. The Warriors again scored on their first possession on a leaping catch by Cothron in the back corner of the end zone. Noah Pierce had two interceptions in the game, and Dalton Hoel had one. Hoel and Pierce both caught TD passes as well for a final score of 27-3.

The full story can be found in the Aug. 2, 2017, edition of The Tuscola Journal.