Tuscola Fire Department offering residents free smoke detectors

By Kayleigh Rahn
The Tuscola Fire Department is inviting residents to contact the firehouse for a free smoke detector.

TFD Engineer Nick Kidwell says they are on a mission to supply as many residents as they can find with a new smoke detector for their homes.

“The Red Cross has offered smoke detectors for us to pass out to homes in Tuscola,” he said. “This is for detectors who are out-of-date or for families who don’t have any.”

Kidwell says they initially have 125 free detectors to distribute, but they are able to acquire more if needed.

“I will be happy to get those 125 out in houses, and if we had more than that I’d be ecstatic,” he said.

The new detectors have a 10-year lifespan with a lithium battery, “so you will never have to touch them for the life of the detector,” he said.

“We find we when go to calls that people have put the batteries in their remote controls or everywhere but the smoke detector,” he said. “These are all maintenance free for 10 years.”

Kidwell, who has taken over fire prevention efforts since George Wineland retired earlier this year, sent out forms to Tuscola students at the close of the school year, but he is hoping to see more response as the summer comes to a close.

Interested residents can stop by City Hall to fill out a request form or contact the non-emergency line for the fire department.

“There is no timeline to get the paperwork in for this; just the sooner the better,” he said. “I’m just hoping to place them in every house, so we can to keep everyone safe.”