My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
I really do try to stay away from commenting on the day-to-day politics in this column, but this whole Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) debacle is too much for me to resist. I’m an Independent Republican as I’ve made well know many times here. What’s that? I’m a conservative as long any Republican candidate running for office or currently holding office doesn’t derail along the way and fail to deliver my message. Worse yet, those same Republicans telling me everything I want to hear before an election never able to deliver, i.e. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Loser. All of those Republican clowns surrounding Ryan in numerous television appearances before the 2016 presidential election promising a new and improved health care bill; also losers.

You remember as I do the promise and bold statements from the republicans prior to these last elections. Paul Ryan stated over and over how the republicans have a new and improved health care bill ready to go just as soon as a republican president is elected and can sign it. Not a big deal, no problem, they got this, easy peasy, red cape with a big “S” embroidered on the front, etc. What a crock of crap that proved to be last week. Even the very least of changes the Republican Senators were to vote on to make Obamacare a little bit better, and they couldn’t muster the votes!!! Of course the democrats all voted “no”, but the republicans have a super majority in the Senate meaning they didn’t need any votes from the dems. Sen. John McCain flew from Arizona fresh off a brain surgery and cast the needed “no” vote to kill the bill! A Republican!

Candidate Donald Trump and all of the other 16 candidates were running their campaigns to repeal and replace Obamacare. It was the only hot ticket in town to gain admittance to the presidential show, and they all bought one. As per usual big tax cut promises, the same ol’ same ol’ we hear every four years, ho hum ho hum. Wake me when it’s over. So what happened exactly? I’ll take a layman’s crack at it with a theory.

First and foremost the Republicans never expected to win this last election. They expected Hillary Clinton would win and they would never have to produce a health care bill of their own. Paul Ryan, who I really liked and trusted at the time…lied. Most of the Republican flock of sheep believed Ryan and followed him around hoping to get their mugs on television when Ryan was publically making his false promise. Should the Republicans have lost, as they expected to do, they would continue to proclaim new and improved plan right up until the time Obamacare unraveled sometime in 2018. After, the Republicans would hail a firestorm of cluster bombs on every Democrat in every state holding a Federal Office at any level.

When Obamacare self destructed it wouldn’t matter what kind of amendments or complete repeal the Republicans put forth; it surely would pass. The mood in the room? “We don’t need to worry about it until it happens or if it ever happens. We will have control of both Houses and the White House, we could do as we please whenever we please.” Then………………along came this guy named Donald Trump!

The Republican establishment laughed, then worried, and then cried! Some probably contemplated suicide! One by one and sometimes two by two, Trump out campaigned and out balloted them. All 16 of them mind you. Most all of these candidates were lifers too! Understand that every one of these other not sweet 16 were part of the Republican establishment inner circle. All lined up and willing to carry out the bidding of both the House and Senate. What a grand time they would have if any of these other 16 could pull off a miracle and beat Hillary Clinton.

And the rest of us? We would continue to go along for the ride of being over taxed, over paying for health insurance, and treated as peasants of the Kings Court. Love him, hate, him, or anything in between, but President Trump has absolutely shown the rest of the average Craig Hastings population in America that there is Washington, D.C. and then there are the rest of the states. We American citizens are nothing but pawns that the DC establishment call the voters. We really don’t have any say in anything that goes on in D.C. Make believe all you care too. Carry your little signs around, maybe pound a dozen of those signs in your yard, wear your goofy little chest and hat pins, plaster a sticker on your car that’s hard to remove, maybe be one of the big spenders and step up to a t-shirt with your favorite Washington con man/woman on it, or become an all in T-shirt be damned supporter and donate a few dollars that will get you on a donors list of your favorite blow hard candidate.

The only winners in the 2016 presidential election were Donald Trump, Kelly Ann Conway because she proved women can be a force to be reckoned with, some shirtless horseman foreigner that goes by the name Putin, Hillary Clinton because she wasn’t criminally charged, Ex Obama because he was able to get the hell out of D.C. before it collapsed around itself, and FOX NEWS ratings for proving to be the only “real” news being televised.

Trump pledged to drain the swamp alright, and he is, but I think he didn’t take into account the stench that lingers in the mud up until the sun dries it out. That lingering stench is all the members of the House and Senate that refuse to work in a bipartisan manner to improve the lives of their constituents. And why would they? We heard again should you not have remembered from six years ago that the elected members and their families enjoy FREE health care even absent of any health care system the rest of peasants get forced on us. Why not just go home for their summer break without figuring out what the rest of us are supposed to do should we get sick.

The only sickness I feel these days is nausea caused by our elected officials that are supposed to see to it I can afford to get well. President Trump this one isn’t on you. You were told if elected the rest of the Republicans would rally around you and offer up a well-thought-out alternative to Obamacare. They lied. Mr. Trump, not only do you fight “fake news”, but you also are in the fight of your presidency fighting “fake Republicans.”

My disgust of Republicans is only at the Federal level. I will continue to support my fellow Republicans at the local and county levels of government. I have been known to also support a democrat or two over my 40 years of interest in the election process; right John? This was because there was no Republican candidate on the ballot or because I felt the Republican candidate was “off the rails.” And as a proclaimed Independent Republican by my own definition of one, I voted for the best candidate instead and so should you.