Letter: Douglas County should ‘make history’

Dear Editor & Douglas Co.:

We need your vote!! Our Board of Trustees of the Do. Co. Museum would like to see a tax referendum pass on April 4 to create a Museum Historical District in our county, which would provide major funding for the Museum to continue to keep its doors open. This is important to you and me to preserve Douglas County’s historical legacy. You may have family items there already – donated by a parent or grandparent – to be preserved forever. We have achieved so much with the addition of a full-time paid director as we couldn’t continue with only volunteers. What a huge difference that’s made in our programs, ability to continue to document all of our collections, and host events for the county’s communities. This will achieve so much with homeowners paying only $5-15 per year. If you haven’t been there in a while or ever – please stop in and check out the museum – then vote YES April 4.



Marci Shoemaker
Secretary of the Do. Co. Museum Board