My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Well, any of you that follow this column had to know this one was coming. I’m going to tell you what I think about the first eight days of a Trump presidency. First, let me say that I am truly glad the mayhem of this election year is over. This time, as much as it has already been said and will continue to be said, it’s time to move on, get over it. This man is “our” President so get over it. I was never an Obama supporter, but I sure didn’t continue to whine about how unfair it was that he was ever elected. I disagreed with most of his positions and self imposed executive orders, but I didn’t care that his hair turned gray quickly, he liked to play too much golf, he enjoyed the limelight of being seen with celebrities at the White House, that he tried to sing publicly a couple of times, that he danced for us, and that he abandoned the people of Illinois, his home state. I can say these things now because he’s done.

Trivial! We are not supposed to care about the personal attributes of our President unless they affect how he/she is tending to the country’s business. Why have so many people (read; disgruntled democrats) and the majority of the news media (MSNBC, CNN, NBC) spent more time rooting around the dirt trying to dig up chicken fodder than paying close attention to what President Trump is doing in the Oval Office!? For whatever reason these die hard sore losers appear to believe that there is still a way to change the outcome of the election. They can’t! Advice to loser team: shut up, wipe away you tears, change your diaper and start your search for a real candidate to represent you in four years. Don’t charge back in four years with someone acting in alleged criminal activity, an elitist, and in failing health.

Come on! This is Donald Trump! He was the laughable Republican candidate that swept this country by storm by simply reaching out to the common man and common woman. Whether it’s his true temperament or not, this guy related to the common folk, that’s me. I have never been interested in presidential elections until this one. I really didn’t know anything more about Donald J. Trump other than he was supposed to be rich. Eighteen months ago he stumbled around with his speeches, he tweeted irresponsible tid bits that were offensive to some, he was shown with everything gold in the background, we all became aware of just how much he owns around the world, and we learned he had everything in life we all wished we had even some of.

All of these things should have destroyed him. Think about this, this guy never ran for anything but the next dollar. No public office, not even school board or city council! What!? And this guy was going to be one of seventeen well-seasoned and well-known republican candidates for President of this United States of America. He was referred to as an orange haired clown that belittled woman romantically and also to their abilities as professionals in the business world. Now were all or part of these accusations true? It didn’t matter to the millions that rallied behind him.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats laughed out loud and worked this election process with an attitude of ho hum, we got this, no worries, and zero game plan. They threw what they thought was a no chance Bernie Sanders opponent in the mix just for show. His campaign was doomed from the outset due to the Democrats unfair super delegate system of primary election voting. This system assures the elite Democrats get who they want regardless of who the democratic voters want. By the way democrats, have you finally figured this out!? It all leaked out, was proven and undenied by your own DNC Chair, Donna Brazile! Your vote didn’t count!

The Democrats had everything; all the money behind them they wanted, a wealth of political history, candidate experience, 98 percent of the news media and talk show hosts, Hollywood, and finally…Barack Obama! President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton! How could they lose!!!? Hillary did manage to cough and stumble her way to a few events and spoke long enough to poke fun of Donald Trump. Of course he did the same just with more frequency. Were there more people other than just me that thought that there was a 16-year deal eight years ago between the Clintons and Obamas?

This election was Lexington and Concord in 1775 all over again, but this time the battle was an election. Paul Revere was played by the underestimated and crazy-talented Kellyann Conway. She successfully carried the word to the rebels waiting in ambush of the loyalists. The Clinton army marched into battle with more bodies, were better uniformed and organized, and carried superior weapons. Their arrogance and over confidence would be their demise. Ted Cruz and John Kasich played the parts of co Benedict Arnolds adding excitement and drama to the storyline. General Trump gathered his mix and match infantry with little battle experience, few guns, sticks and stones if necessary, and no real battle plan into a war no one thought he could win. He would “wing it” as he charged forward and on to victory.

The Clintons retreated, not defeated, and will surely rise to fight another day, say in four years. The next time Hillary will stay in the castle and monitor from afar. I predict an Obama handpicked colonel will command the next charge. Obama himself, still a young man remember, will coordinate the effort. Ever the master of oration, Obama will pose a formable foe even if not the candidate. The right person, man or woman, younger, political experience, and with good family, having past POTUS General Barack Obama leading the charge could very well be the next president in four years should President Trump keep his fort reinforced.

Today the biased news media are telling us that a million something people in several cities around the world marched in defiance of the already elected to office, President Trump. They march because…..does anyone know? It’s been just two days tonight I write this that President Trump has been on the job. Mostly women but some men marched in Washington, D.C., but for why? Me, I think it was more an attendance to a free concert in the park with some once upon a time superstar singers. If you go you for sure get on someone’s televised coverage of the event. Me. I’d save and plan all of this for 2020. You know…at time when it could make a difference in an election that is soon to come?

Boys and girls this Washington, D.C., belongs to the Trump Party for the next four years and none of us can change the outcome of what he wants to do now. Preach to your congressmen and women. They’re your voice of your defiance, you’re not. All of the marches, all of the protests, all of the crybaby whining won’t change a thing. Me, all of this craziness just assures me that the right person was elected to be our President. If these antagonists on television screaming vulgar statements, carrying vulgar print signage, and all the while wasting tax dollars, because police are necessary for those that can’t behave, then for sure your candidate should not have been elected to the highest office in the land. These wonderful (not) people have brought their young children to witness their own childish behavior! Bravo! Great parents you must be! It’s disgusting to me.

Finally, President Trump was not my first choice from the group of candidates from which we had to choose. Neither was Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I was open and ready to learn about any and all of the rest of them. This system our Founding Fathers created, and the one we have adhered to for over 200 years has played out. Played out just as it has in all the elections before this one. Donald Trump has fairly won this election. Putin and the Russians didn’t change the outcome one vote. If you believe the communist community now controls the White House then move, move to say Canada. Maybe that bus full of entertainers who promised to move out of country has room for you and your pets. If not Canada, travel south but do it before the big wall is built, because I’m not sure if the wall will keep us in as well as it will keep others out. Hurry. Please hurry. America will need some of you to survive so to tell others of our great history. For surely the rest of us that stay in country will die, because President Trump will accidently hit the red nuclear go button instead of the front doorbell on Trump Tower.

Really? Get over it….I have. President Trump said one very powerful sentence during the campaign that made more sense to my simpleton self than any other. I pledged my allegiance to him immediately after. He said to the country…. “What the hell do you have to lose?” Looking back over the past eight years….talk about hitting the nail on the head!!!