Letter: Best deal in town

Dear Editor,

With the recent passing of Alberta Dallas we’re reminded of the favor she and her family did for the Tuscola community. For nearly a generation, their Dixie Cream Donut Shop gave us a great place to start our day.

Parking the handy lot, we walked into the spotless and cherry shop filed with tempting smells. Alberta or Becky greeted us by name, always pleased to see us. No phony or gushy tones there. Even the grouches were no match for Becky’s quick wit and effortless banter that quickly disarmed them. The donuts were delicious, the atmosphere enjoyable, and the news plentiful. So for a while our cares were forgotten as we joined a group just sharing a common bond.

That boost let us head out to face our day with a brighter view–a terrific value for the price of a tasty donut. It was the best deal in town.

Roger Tice