94th birthday surprise for Kranitz

Tuscola resident Lillian Kanitz was surprised with birthday balloons and a serenade from Kim Higgins on her 94th birthday, courtesy of a “plot” involving granddaughter Katelyn Carter, Angie Gordon, and Higgins.

By Colleen Lehmann
With her grandmother’s 94th birthday approaching, Katelyn Carter wanted March 26, 2013 to be a special day for Lillian Kanitz of Tuscola, but living in Indianapolis, Carter was at a bit of a loss for what she could do from afar.

She called City Hall to see if there was something that could be done, and talked to employee Angie Gordon, who in turn called Laura Arwine of ARTCo for ideas. Arwine then called Kim Higgins—who is music director at Forty Martyrs Catholic Church and often involved in the musical aspects of ARTCo productions. And thus, the great birthday caper was born.
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